Justin C
12/14/2012 10:36am

I want the 3 Fourth Stall because I read the first and second. I loved the plot of both of them and the mystery makes me want to keep reading it. Also I like the idea of a business in school.

12/14/2012 11:36am

I really want to read this book because it has humor, adventure, and a bunch of other elements. I love books with these types of themes and this one ties all of them together, so it is one of my favorite books of all time. I enjoy the plots in the first two books and can't wait to get this one. At the end of The First Stall Part 2, we are left with a huge cliff-hanger when Staples asks Mac for help. What is he asking him for? Will Mac help him? What will happen next? I'm sure as I think these question that I can expect a Part 3 as great as the other books

12/14/2012 11:44am

I would like to read fourth Stall because I heard about it and the book sounds interesting

Hana S
12/14/2012 6:02pm

I would really like to read it because the first and second books were awesome and its full of mystery,suspense, and adventure which all together makes a great book.

Will L
01/16/2013 10:35am

I want the fourth stall part three because I read the first and second and I really like the series and I am looking for a book to read.


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